Decker Farms is a 200-acre development in Archer County near Wichita Falls, Texas, whose goal is to maintain and enhance the beauty and ecological processes of the restored mixed prairie native to this region of the United States. The large lot community embraces sustainable building concepts and promotes the conservation of energy, land, water, and resources thorough appropriate site and building design, construction, and maintenance. The principles that guide the Decker Farms development includes minimizing land disturbances, protecting natural resources, optimizing solar orientation, using storm water runoff on-site, creating neighborhood connectivity, developing passive recreation areas, and managing the restored prairie.

More than just a prairie development.


Decker Farms is more than just a prairie development – it's a lifestyle of simple living, relaxation, and southern charm. When we built Decker Farms, we handpicked guidelines and amenities to bring life to our community.



Walking Trail

Decker Farms 

Enjoy your early morning or late afternoon on the walking trail through the prairie landscape. This path gives you the feeling of being one with nature and the Texas Landscape. Great for walking the dogs , fresh air and exercise. 

Texas Sunsets

Decker Farms

After a long day at work or running errands in Wichita Falls, sit back and relax as the sun goes down over the Prairie. The sky creates a canvas of colors to enjoy all season long. 


Living with Nature  

Decker Farms

Each season Decker Farms presents new and exciting opportunities to explore and understand our ever-changing landscape and its inhabitants. Capture deer walking across the prairie in an early morning dew or view the coveys of quail as they navigate across the Texas landscape. Decker Farms has all the views.  

Wine and Dine

Decker Farms

Decker Farms was created to enjoy the prairie landscape and community with neighbors. You're never to far away to enjoy some social time with friends and neighbors to close out the week.  


Agrihood/Community Garden

Decker Farms

Offering homebuyers both practical and emotional benefits, the agrihood trend builds on such themes as health, wellness, slow food, whole food and hyperlocal food production. Enjoy seasonal produce and be a part of how your food is grown in our community garden area: featuring beds for perennials (asparagus, garlic, etc.) and annual vegetables (beans, tomatoes, squash, potatoes, etc.)

Create your life at Decker Farms.


At Decker Farms, we believe a true community shouldn't be gated or fenced in – it should seamlessly meld into its surroundings. That's why we chose the beautiful Texas Prairie for our location.