Vision Statement

Tallgrass prairies once covered 20 million acres in the State of Texas. Today the tallgrass prairie has been reduced to less than 1% of the original 20 million acres once in prairies. Texas was once 3⁄4 prairie and savanna. However, due to over plowing, improper overgrazing and development this heritage is being lost daily.

The tallgrass prairie is a proud part of our heritage. The ancestors of this community walked upon the original unchanged land. It is the landscape of our pioneer heritage. In an effort to preserve this beautiful, vanishing ecological system, our previous owners made a commitment to preserve and restore the Decker Road property to its natural prairie character.

The Prairie settlers of the past had many “common sense” practices in their architectural design and their use of energy. Rainwater collection, cisterns for water storage, solar orientation for heat protection and breezes, along with generous overhangs, and strategically placed window openings all worked to provide comfort and improved livability. Many of these ideas are again in vogue and known as “sustainable” practices. Keeping with these ideas and the incorporation of new technologies, we have developed the basis for Decker Farms Sustainable Guidelines.

Master Plan
Decker Farms is a 200-acre development in Archer County near Wichita Falls, Texas, whose goal is to maintain and enhance the beauty and ecological processes of the restored mixed prairie native to this region of the United States. The large lot community embraces sustainable building concepts and promotes the conservation of energy, land, water, and resources thorough appropriate site and building design, construction, and maintenance. The principles that guide Decker Farms development includes minimizing land disturbances, protecting natural resources, optimizing solar orientation, using storm water runoff on-site, creating neighborhood connectivity, developing passive recreation areas, and managing the restored prairie.

The community is a comprehensive neighborhood of streetscapes, quality built residences, and related site 
improvements that reflect an elegant but casual outdoor lifestyle. The development, as a whole, is designed to respect Decker Farms landscape. In addition, each building and lot stands on its own design merit and contributes to the desired neighborhood character. Thus, the compatibility, long-term quality, and appreciation of value of the original investments and the overall community are optimized. Each proposed new home addition or improvement, including site improvements and landscaping, is designed and reviewed for consistency and/or compatibility with the appropriate character outlined in these Sustainable Guidelines.

Figure 1.1

Figure 1.1

Decker Farms Master Plan is divided into 27 home sites of 5+ acres accessed by Prairie Way and Decker Road focused on a central common prairie meadow. The community common area is developed as a semi-manicured natural drainage way to retain rainwater runoff in two collection ponds. A trail system shall be established via easement across properties to create a centralized walking link throughout the community. Easements are established along the edges to retain the privacy and native prairie grasses. The Homeowners’ Association shall maintain all common areas, trails, and ponds. Dues shall be assessed on a per acre basis to fund the 
ongoing maintenance of the streets, trails, and common areas, as well as expand the amenity program, as the Homeowners’ Association deems necessary.

A 2 mile trail system promotes outdoor walking, jogging and social interaction in Decker Farms. The interconnecting trails occur within easements along property lines, the enhanced common areas, and roads. The native prairie is also an excellent bird and wildlife habitat.